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What is Regular Package?

Our Regular Packages are designed to meet the needs of everyday internet users. Whether you use the internet for browsing, social media, or streaming videos, these packages provide a reliable and consistent connection. With competitive speeds and affordable pricing, our Regular Package is the perfect choice for individuals and families looking for a dependable internet service.

Regular 840

BDT 840


Regular 1050

BDT 1050


Regular 1260

BDT 1260


Regular 1575

BDT 1575


Regular 2100

BDT 2100


Regular 2625

BDT 2625


Regular 3150

BDT 3150


Regular 4200

BDT 4200


Regular 525

BDT 525


Regular 682

BDT 682


Connection Fee

What is Turbo Package?

If you’re a passionate gamer or a heavy internet user who requires lightning-fast speeds and low latency, our Turbo Packages are tailor-made for you. This package offers blazing-fast internet connections that ensure smooth online gaming experiences, quick downloads, and seamless streaming. With enhanced performance and priority bandwidth, you can enjoy an uninterrupted online experience even during peak hours.

Turbo 1200

BDT 1200


Turbo 1500

BDT 1500


Turbo 1750

BDT 1750


Turbo 2000

BDT 2000


Turbo 2500

BDT 2500


Turbo 2800

BDT 2800


Turbo 3000

BDT 3000


Turbo 4000

BDT 4000


Connection Fee

What is SME Package?

Our SME (Small Medium Enterprise) Packages are specifically designed to cater to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. It provides reliable and high-speed internet connectivity essential for efficient business operations. With advanced features such as dedicated customer support, static IP addresses, and flexible bandwidth options, our SME Package empowers businesses to communicate, collaborate, and grow seamlessly.

SME - 2400

BDT 2400


SME - 3600

BDT 3600


SME - 4600

BDT 4600


SME - 5500

BDT 5500


Connection Fee (3000 BDT)

What is Corporate Package?

Our Corporate Package is designed to meet the demanding requirements of large companies and organizations. With high-speed, scalable, and dedicated internet connectivity, this package ensures uninterrupted connectivity for critical business operations. It offers robust security features, service level agreements, and customizable bandwidth options to meet the unique needs of corporate clients. Our Corporate Package is the ideal solution for businesses that rely heavily on the internet for their day-to-day operations.

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