Terms of use

Read our terms of use before taking any action.

These General Terms of use shall be part of the agreement between Exord Online (hereinafter called ‘Exord Online’) and the subscriber.

1. Subscriber has to provide necessary documents and information to establish subscriber’s identification, legal status and business capacity. Exord Online shall have the right to examine the same. Exord Online shall have the right to temporarily disconnect, suspend or terminate the services for giving any false information by the subscriber in any document or otherwise including on the subscription form. If there is any change in the information given earlier, subscriber shall notify Exord Online of such change, failure of which shall entitle Exord Online to suspend or terminate the services at its sole discretion.

2. Both parties undertake that any information received by one party marked as confidential shall be kept as confidential by the other party. Such information can only be revealed if it is found that it was already in the public domain or it was already available to the receiving party without violating this agreement or it is required by law.

3. Exord Online has the exclusive right and jurisdiction of the title and ownership of the connection and equipment provided by Exord Online.

4. Exord Online shall provide the services to the subscriber within the agreed timeline. However, in case of any delayed support Exord Online will notify the subscriber as soon as it is reasonably practicable.